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Weltachs wines 

White Wines:


Current Vintage: 2016 

Grape: 100% Riesling

Tasting Notes: Off Dry, crisp, light yellow color with aromas of green apple, and citrus including grapefruit with a hint of roses.

Pairing suggestions: Freshwater and salt water fish, seafood, sushi, light flesh poultry, salads such as seafood, chicken, egg salad, and white- and pink flesh meats such as veal, pork, small game, also egg dishes and creamy pastas. Mildly-spiced smoked or cured meats ham, turkey, mild and medium cheeses.

Serving Temperature: Serve cool at about / 6’ – 8’C/46’ – 50’F

Longevity: 3 – 6 years under proper storage conditions

Spätlese – Late Harvest Selection

Current Vintage: 2015/2016 

Grapes include: 

Gewürztraminer and Weissburgunder (Pinot blanc) and others with proportions varying by vintage characteristics to assure consistant blend and flavor.

Tasting notes:

Ripe, medium-sweet, fulsome wine with some tropic fruit like banana underlying basic green apple and rich yellow grapefruit, with a slightly more intense light yellow color.

Pairing suggestions: 

More robust fish and full-bodied seafood dishes baked, sautéed, fried, roasted poultry, creamed dishes, veal and fruit-based desserts.

Serve cool, about 6’ – 8’C/46’ -50’F

Longevity: 2 – 6 years in proper storage conditions

Auslese: Fully Ripened Cluster Selection

Current Vintage: 2015

Grapes include:

Kerner and Grauer Burgunder (Pinot gris) and others in varying proportions based on vintage characteristics

Tasting Notes:

A light golden color with lemon, bright red cherry and mango aromas and succinctly grape-flavor with a fine balance of sweetness and acidity, fresh and crisp

Pairing Suggestions:

Excellent with pungent cheeses as Gorgonzola, Blue, Stilton, Roquefort, also Pâtés and spreads,     oysters, creamy desserts, crême brûlée, panna cotta, very spicy cuisines as Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Szechuan and Hunan Chinese... or just plain slow-sipping

Serving temperature:

Serve cool about 6’ – 8’C/46’ – 50’F


3 – 6 years under proper conditions


Ice Wine is made from ultra-ripe and healthy grapes harvested, crushed and vinified in a frozen state with the season’s first deep-frost with temperatures at -8’C about 19’F . Harvest takes place after midnight in the coldest  hours of the pre-dawn morning. It is extremely arduous work.

Eiswein is not an annual treat. Some winters are too warm, or grapes are not thoroughly, uniformly frozen  or free of Botrytis, the noble rot or  poiriture, that differentiates Eiswein from the intensely-flavored Berry or Dried Raisin Berry nectar-like wines. The juice within the grape is concentrated as ice crystals further intensifying the flavor of these last-hanging grapes of the vintage...

speed is of the essence getting the clusters to the crusher and into the fermentation vats before they     melt and are unusable.

Grapes used include Scheurebe, Weissburgunder and Grauburgunder  (Pinot blanc and Pinot gris)

Current Vintage: 2012/2016

Tasting notes:

Intense black currants, peach and strawberry notes,     extremely intense yet light and fresh, good acidity to       balance the sweetness, very clear, light gold in color      

Pairing suggestions:

This luxury dessert wine can accompany spicy soups, fruit based desserts,  but is often just perfect by itself

Serving temperature:

about 6’ – 8’C/46’ – 50’F

Longevity: 3 – 10 years with proper storage conditions

Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir Eiswein is a singular rarity – an intensely-flavored white Ice Wine made from the red Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) grape.

This is a luxury class dessert wine which can be served as an apéritif. Just like other Ice Wines, it is harvested and produced in a frozen state, HOWEVER, extraordinary care must be taken to assure that the juice has fast free-flow into the fermentation tank avoiding all contact with the color-bearing grape skins.

The color is an intense, deep gold.

Current Vintage: 2012 / 2016

Tasting notes:

Intense red berry flavors with notes of tropical fruits mango, guava

Pairing suggestions:

As an appetizer alone unto itself, or as an apéritif or with  chocolate-based desserts or fruit tortes or     alone as a dessert

Serving temperature:

6’ – 8’C/46’ – 50’F


3 - 10 years with proper storage


Single Berry Selection from Botrytis-affected vines

Grapes used include Ortgea, Huxelrebe and other white varietals; depending on the vintage, individual berries plucked from over-ripe clusters produce tiny yields

Current Vintage: 2015

Tasting notes:

Rich gold color with strong spice flavors of nutmeg, allspice, a bit of cinnamon, cardamon, and             herbs, very intense nose with a strong muscatel and candied fruit flavor

Pairing suggestions:

Desserts of all sorts and spicy foods

Serving Temperature: 

Serve cool at 6’ – 8’C/46’ – 50’F


3 – 7 years with proper storage


Dried, Raisin Berry Selection of single grapes from Botrytis–afflicted clusters. Truly a rare nectar made by plucking the dried, raisinated grapes from fully-botrytised bunches. A solitary drop or two or three is extracted from each single grape, an entire vine’s cluster yield is needed to produce a single 375 ml bottle! A  liter of juice can contain 200 grams or more of residual sugar in liquid form. With so much residual sugar, alcohol levels are very low, 6.5 - 8.5 % or even lower...

Current Vintage: 2015

Tasting notes:

"Liquid sunshine,“ deep golden yellow, thick, highly viscous juices clinging to the sides of the glass,           extraordinary sweetness, flavors of honey, overripe melon, litchie, occasionally mango, passion fruit, durian

Pairing suggestions:

Serve with pungent cheeses and dense desserts, or simply as dessert itself.

Serving temperature:

Serve very cool, 6’ – 8’C/46’ - 50’F or under


4 - 10 years with proper storage

Rosé Wines

Rosé is 100% Portugieser featuring the new 2016 vintage.

Tasting notes:

Very bright red color with a shimmering orange – gold reflection, finely-delineated fruit flavors           redolent of red raspberry and cherries, with a reasonable residual sugar.

Pairing suggestions: given its hardly-perceptable acidity and bright flavors, Weltachs Rosé may well be the perfect choice for ‘round the clock enjoyment to be an accompaniment for salads of all sorts – greens, vegetable, seafood, chicken, steak, ham, tabouleh, quinoa, couscous and other grains… a natural for sandwiches even spiced meats and Italian style delicatessen.

Goes well with deep-fried foods as chicken, calamari, clams, onion rings, and broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom caps, stuffed jalapeños as well as sliders, barbecue or ribs.

Matches well with fruit, cookies, and nonchocolate dessert and for simple sipping on its own as a pre-lunch apéritif, afternoon or evening refresher. Perfect for picnics, the beach, on the porch or terrace – or even with Christmas baked goods.

Serving temperature:

Very cool to somewhat cold depending on the time of year, 5’ – 7’C/42’F – 48’F


2 – 3 years... being irresistible, it probably will be drunk up prior to any cellaring...

Red Wines

Dornfelder (aka “Sweet Thorn“ in the US) is an off dry red wine made exclusively from the Dornfelder grape using heat extraction methods to obtain maximum color intensity and suppress extraction of bitterness.

Current Vintage: 2015

Tasting notes:

Ruby red in color, this Dornfelder is mild and fruity with balanced sweetness and acidity tasting of strawberry and dark cherry, off dry.

Pairing suggestions: A basic drinking red which pairs well with virtually all meats, most firm or aged cheeses, casseroles, and tomato-based sauces thanks to very low acidity and slight sweetness. An excellent choice for everyday enjoyment.

Serving temperature:

slightly chilled or cool around 9’ – 11C/52’F – 56’F


3 – 5 years with proper storage

Red October

The Wine, not the Submarine

Current Vintage: 2015

A sweet dessert wine whose  “top secret“ proportion blend is known only to ourselves, this smooth taste treat is made from red grapes, Dornfelder and Regent. It is specially vinified for minimum tannins and maximum extraction.

Tasting notes: 

A good choice for spicy meats and highly-seasoned preparations, and as either an apéritif or dessert wine with its deep darker strawberry, dark cherry and blueberry flavors

Serving temperature:

Rather cool at 6’ – 8’C/46’F – 50’F


3 – 5 years under proper conditions

NOTE: Proper storage conditions for optimal wine longevity are cool, dark, dry, well-ventilated areas with stable temperatures of 55’F or 8’C or under, free from odors or fumes, in vibration-free spaces. As Weltachs wines use Stelvin metal screwcap or artificial cork closures, bottles and case my be stored lying flat or standing straight.

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