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WELTACHS Weinkellerei GmbH

Hauptstrasse 6

67229 Grosskarlbach

Phone: +49 (0)6238 797

E-Mail: dirk@weltachs.de

WELTACHS history

We are located in the “Pfalz“ region of the Rhineland Palatinate state where grapes have been vinified since Roman occupation times almost 2000 years ago. We celebrate our ancient heritage of wine culture blessed by a wonderful, beneficial climate, excellent soils, and sharing a way-of-life remarkably non-Teutonic and greatly influenced by French culture and custom.

Weltachs wines reflect our singular, wine-driven lifestyle.

Weltachs is encouraging and supportive of its world-renowned, highly-celebrated wine-producing neighbors along the German Wine Road, that 80 kilometers, almost 50 miles, stretch of vineyards from the French Alsatian border clear up to the Rheinhessen appellation.

We Pälzer, (our dialect for “ Pfälzer,“)  are deeply patriotic and cherish our small, intimate, sunny corner of Germany, west of the Rhine, east of the sheltering Haardt mountains .

We at Weltachs are embedded in our tiny village of Grosskarlbach, which is our headquarters and  production-site.  It lies in the axis or very center of our wonderful world of wine – hence the name Weltachs.

Großkarlbach’s population  - a scant 1200 people, is a microism emplanted in the rolling hills of the  German countryside, a tiny town surrounded by a sea of vines.

Map of German wine growing!

WELTACHS GmbH, The Company

The Mäurer Family (pronounced “Moy-rer“) created WELTACHS in 1987 as a new division of the family-owned and operated business devoted to export. As such, it is a new entity -- D. Mäurer & Sohn GmbH & Co KG. Working together with 110 trusted, time-tried, reliable supplier growers, Mäurer has some 275 hectares, roughly 675 acres of vine under contract.  

Some 50% of our wine production is white and about 25 % red and rosé . The winery has a large capacity of 5 million liters... with 100% stainless steel temperature-controlled vinification tanks for precision vinification and easy maintenance. Our own in-house bottling facility, and the storage, and shipping areas  are housed in modern, new airy buildings with adjacent offices.

To assure high quality, Weltachs controls all production aspects “from berry to bottle,“ and provides its own machinery. Neither wood nor plastic tanks are used thus guaranteeing highest hygienic standards. 

Nary a bad bottle: Weltachs relies on Stelvin screw-cap and artificial cork closures -- it is virtually impossible to have a “corked“ or “TCA“ - afflicted bottle of wine from Weltachs Winery.

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